Arcadia is a creative studio focused on the next generation of branded Augmented Reality experiences. At Arcadia, there is no bar. We develop without preconception, create with wondrous abandon and execute with technical precision. Powered by a team of world-class experts that pioneered mobile Augmented Reality, we translate new technology into the most innovative, impactful, and effective experiences on behalf of our partners. With AR as our singular focus, we deliver across platform, web and app-based environments.


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Introducing Snap Shack

"We see Snap Shack as an opportunity to highlight the power of AR commerce and do it in a really fun way. From the vibrant collaboration of how the brands play off each other to the limited-edition merch to the immersive AR experiences, the Snap Shack will make your weekday lunch a little more fun.” - Jeff Miller, Global Head of Creative Strategy at Snapchat.